"Dedicated to the Exploitation of Merriment
and the
Enhancement of the Ridiculous." tm




The ZANY Red Hot Mamas are nothing but unique, capturing the hearts of all ages.  The group is composed of women with a Genuine Zest for Life, a Mama, Grandmama, Great Grandmama, OR just plain Great!  The Queen Mama is currently 80 years young, with most members ranging in age from 30 to 60 (But don't try guessing which ones are over 60 unless you can run real fast!!) These women triumph over all that life has to throw at them including illnesses and personal losses. Hi-Spirited, Vibrant, Full of Fun, and definitely: ONE-OF-A-KIND
  • The One of a Kind Red Hot Mamas are a not for profit musical/comedy service organization. Founded by artistic director, Mikki Stevens in 1993. Auditions are held annually.

  • Members are trained in theatrical performance skills, stage makeup, costuming, choreography, drill team, dance, sound tech, and properties management for public presentation.

  • They were entered into congressional record by Governor Butch Otter and also honored to receive The Americanism Award from the VFW for writing and producing an original play entitled “Tribute to the American Spirit” to support 9/11 relief efforts.

  • The group mission is to encourage and motivate women to be all they want to be at all ages, while evidencing humor, hope, and fun through uplifting entertainment to Change the World!


The Red Hot Mama Parade Unit is a dance/drill team featuring strollers, milk jugs, mops, shopping carts, or any other idea we get.  The combination of drill team precision and outrageous costumes cause a Rip Roarin' Riot wherever we go.


The Theatrical Group produces musical/comedy shows, and is well known for spoofs such as "The Blues Mothers", "Rappin Mama", and "Riverprance" as well as infamous ballets to Rachmaninoff and Tchaikovsky.  Singing, Dancing and "hold onto your aching stomach" laughter abound.





 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
 New York, New York

U. S. Presidential Inauguration Parades
 Washington D.C., 2001 and 2005

 New Year’s Day Celebration
 London, England

 Philadelphia Independence Day
 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

 Adolphus/Neiman Marcus
Children’s Medical Center Benefit
 Dallas, Texas

 Fiesta Bowl
 Tempe, Arizona

 Holiday Bowl
 San Diego, California

 Hershey’s 100th Anniversary Celebration
 Hershey, Pennsylvania

 Seafair Parade
 Seattle, Washington, Annually

 Lilac Armed Forces Torchlight Parade
 Spokane Washington, Annually

 Silver City Days
 Trail, British Columbia, Canada

 4th of July American Heroes Parades
 Hometown: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Many

 Regional events
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana

 WE Network “Macys Unwrapped”
Featured Group Experience

 ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline

 Today Show
Guest Artists

Dance Video, News Interviews

 Amazing Grace
Television series Choir

 National Public Broadcast Radio
Guest Artists

 Many Northwest television and radio shows

U.S. Uh-Oh Show”

Performed to benefit 12 - 20 charities annually. Including:

 Red Cross Relief Fund
 Governor's Roundtable
Habitat for Humanity
American Cancer
 Special Olympics
United Way
Idaho Peace Officers
Food Bank
 Relay for Life
Komen Race for the Cure
Humane Society
Silver City Days
Coeur d' Alene Symphony
Displaced Children
 Women's Shelter
Disability Awareness
Children's Miracle Network
 Service Organizations
Assisted Living Centers
Youth Organizations
Public Library




Presented the VFW Americanism award for work done in response to events of 9/11. The Red Hot Mamas hilarious parade unit was selected to be one of the eighty groups nationwide invited to perform in the 2001 and 2005 Inaugural Parades.  In judged parades, the unit consistently wins 1st place awards, including The Holiday Bowl, Seattle Seafair, The Portland Rose Festival and hometown Parades. 
Entered into congressional record by Idaho Governor Butch Otter.
Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Armed Forces Inaugural Committee.
Honorable Service Award from the Lord Mayor of Westminster, London, England


The Mamas’ designer costumes have been anything from bright colored house dresses with a variety of interesting aprons to oversized rapper pants. All performers wear matching shoes, socks and gloves. Many times, the ensemble is topped off with our crowning glory: THE GROCERY HAT. 5' tall hats are an original work of art of empty grocery items such as cereal, cracker and detergent boxes. Each one is crowned with OTHER "SURPRISES". Costumes and decorations are customized to event themes.


Exciting music accompanies performances and features dynamic, crowd pleasing, up-lifting, familiar tunes such as "We are Family", “We’re Not Gonna Take It”, “Born to be Wild”, "Jump", "R U Ready for This?" and "Shout". Music reflects event theme.


    The Red Hot Mamas' Spirit of Mirth sets a tone of Celebration

    Audiences spontaneously burst into Joy and Laughter as they sing, dance
       and  scream along.
    The Red Hots play to the crowd, creating a Blast of Wholesome Fun


    The one and only place where adult women can take dance and theatrical
       lessons without the kiddos around.
    Instruction in tap, jazz, and hip hop are ongoing.
    Students may audition for major performances across the country, which have
       included The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Presidential Inaugurations, The
       Fiesta and Holiday Bowls and even across the pond in London, England's New
       Year's Day Celebration!
 The "Mamas" Preform in Celebration of Life!!!

Mikki Stevens, Director,RHMamas@aol.com

Special thanks to PEAK Health and Wellness Center and our IDAHO SUPPORTERS!